04 April 2019

HE4u2 Final Symposium and Autumn Seminar 2018 videos
Last 15-16 November 2018 we held in Barcelona the HE4u2 Final Symposium and Autumn Seminar. We had amazing Keynote speakers and dazzling presentations.

If you miss them or want to watch them again we bring all the recordings to you. Just click ▶️ of the one you want to see:

▶️ "An integration experience: My real case" by Zahra AL TAKE Teacher. Graduated from the University of Turku (FI).

▶️ "HE4u2: a project to integrate cultural diversity into Higher Education" by Isabel MENEZES, University of Porto (PT).

▶️ "Integration of cultural diversity in Mainz before and after HE4u2" by Georg KRAUSCH. Rector, Johannes Gutenberg University (DE).

Panel: "Policies and practices for the integration of cultural diversity in the European Higher Education area":
▶️ By Henriette STÖBER. Policy analyst, EUA European Universities Association (BE).

▶️ By Katharina RESCH. Head of LLL projects, University of Vienna (AT).

▶️ By Cati JEREZ. Coordinator, Fundación Solidaridad UB, Universidad de Barcelona (ES).

▶️ Open discussion, Chair of the session Pat DAVIES, external expert.

"Dialogue between researcher and practitioner around the meaning of university excellence":
▶️ Practitioner: by Emmanuel ACQUAH, Abo Academy University (FI).

▶️ Researcher: by George ZAFIRIS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR).

▶️ "Reflections about social inclusion in Higher Education. Highlights from the University of Barcelona’s experience" by Cati JEREZ. Coordinator, Fundación Solidaridad UB, Universidad de Barcelona (ES).

▶️ "Teaching training for inclusive adult education: Pedagogical approaches at University of Huddersfield" by Kevin ORR, University of Huddersfield (UK).