03 August 2020

Generation Data project - open learning resources
The Generation Data project, aimed to provide training in Data management skills, has made available a full set of learning resources which are available in a open and free format. 

These resources include: 

- A Toolkit providing valuable information on why data management skills are crucial for both teachers and students. The toolkit can be used by anyone who wants to learn about the need for knowledge in the field of data management (available in EN, DK and PL). 
- A Classroom Course, intended to enable facilitators (lecturers, trainers and teachers) to deliver classroom and small group training to business/management students and start-up entrepreneurs on the topic of smart data (available in EN, DK and PL). 
-  An Online Course, a multilingual, interactive learning course on smart data, aimed to enable direct access to educational resources and skills development activities for students and start-up entrepreneurs wishing to improve their skills in data generation, management and analysis.

We invite you to test and take advantage of the tools produced by Generation Data! 

More information about the project is available here