14 November 2018

Generation Data
The project is funded by the E+ Programme under KA2 - Strategic Partnership for Higher Education and is coordinated by Szczecin University (PL). it started in October 2018 and will last two years.

As part of its ongoing commitment to the digitalization of the economy, the EU states that “data-driven business models are the engine of Europe’s growth, industrial transformation and job creation.” The benefits are clear: existing and new businesses responding to smart data can improve products and services, thus generating economic growth while contributing to social progress.
However, the EU’s work to date has concentrated on large industries and the regulatory environment. Micro and SMEs, which make up 99% of businesses, still lag behind in digital technologies.
If the economy is to flourish, our future entrepreneurs must develop data skills or risk being uncompetitive. But there is an obstacle: today’s entrepreneurship teachers and lecturers also face a data skills deficit. The majority entered the workforce before big data existed and there is currently no reliable source of training to help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to teach smart data to today’s generation of students and future entrepreneurs.
To remedy this situation, Generation Data aims to improve the ability of HEI education providers to understand and teach smart data skills, thus providing Students, early stage entrepreneurs and businesses with more relevant, effective training.

- Entrepreneurship education providers
- Early stage entrepreneurs and management studies students
- SME Managers
- Economic development stakeholders

- Carry out a survey (IO1) of current smart data skills in education as part of our toolkit
- Create a smart data skills teaching model, comprising OERs (IO2) including a curriculum, teachers guide, lesson plans & suggested content and learning exercises
- Train the1st generation of Generation Data Teachers and Lecturers (learning activity) and widely disseminate the OERs to encourage rapid integration of the teaching course into current entrepreneurship and business support provision
- Develop an online Generation Data course (IO3) to maximise access to the new training and reinforce classroom delivery

Here is a link to the project website.


Project 2018-1-PL01-KA203-050957