25 March 2021

General Assembly 2021
We formally announce that the eucen General Assembly 2021 will be done online this year due to the Covid-19 mobility restrictions.

- First Call: Wednesday 02 June 2021 at 17:00CET 
- Second Call: Friday 04 June 2021 at 09:30CET

In case there is no quorum of attendance on Wednesday 02 June, the meeting will be closed and members will be invited to re-join the meeting on Friday 04 June at 09:30CET.

All members of eucen are invited to enter to the Members' Room of our website, sub-section "Next GA", where they will find information about the meeting.

Remember that you need to create a profile in eucen's website before you use the link to the "Next GA" section. If you experience problems accessing the link, please contact us at office@eucen.eu

Note that there will be elections during the GA this year. If you are interested in standing for election, please follow the indications given in the formal announcement.

Also note that the named representatives that cannot join the GA this year, can delegate their vote to another member of staff or to another member university. Please, do not delay to delegate the vote!