02 July 2018

General Assembly 2018 - Summary
eucen's General Assembly took place on Friday 08 June 2018 in Bergen (NO), hosted by the University of Bergen, just after the conference's closing. The meeting started with the approval of the Minutes from the previous meeting, followed by the President's report, the update on membership, closing of the 2017 accounts and acceptance of the budget 2019. We are pleased to welcome 3 new full members that were accepted during the General Assembly:

- Siberian Federal University (RU) - Full Member
- Selçuk University (TR) - Full Member
- Cumhuriyet University (TR) - Full Member

The meeting continued with the election of two new members of the Steering Committee:

- Seamus O'Tuama (University College Cork, IE)
- Yusuf Z Halefoglu (Cukurova University, TR)

Congratulations to the new members of eucen and to the new Steering Committee group!

The members finishing their mandate in the Steering Committee of eucen were Tamer Atabarut (TR) and Joshephine Finn (IE). We thank them for their work in the Committee and hope to continue seeing them around in our next activities.

Françoise de Viron continues in her role of President of eucen, Kari Seppala as Vice-President, Edith Kroeber as Secretary General and Juan Carlos Rodriguez as Treasurer of eucen. 

The full draft minutes of the meeting will be soon available to members in the Members' Room of eucen's website. Also the other papers from the meeting will be available there. Remember to login before you try to enter this section.

The General Assembly closed with the presentation of the newly created eucen eCoP (communities of practice). There will be more information and a form to request joining them in September. Keep an eye open for this announcement!