16 June 2017

General Assembly 2017 - Summary
eucen's General Assembly took place on Friday 09 June 2017. The meeting started with the approval of the Minutes from the previous meeting, followed by the President's report, the update on membership, closing of the 2016 accounts and acceptance of the budget 2018. We are pleased to welcome 7 new members that were accepted during the General Assembly:

- FernUniversitaet in Hagen (DE) - Full Member
- Pegaso International (MT) - Full Member
- HELLIN (IE) - Full Network Member
- GUNi (ES) - Affiliate Member
- Chain5 (NL) - Affiliate Member
- EURAS (TR) - Affiliate Member
- AAACE (US) - Affiliate Member

The meeting finished with the election of six members of the Steering Committee. The candidates re-standing for election were:

- Françoise de Viron (Université catholique de Louvain, BE)
- Kari Seppala (University of Turku, FI)
- Lucilia Santos (University of Aveiro, PT)
- Balazs Nemeth (University of Pecs, HU)

The new candidates joining the committee were:

- Edith Kroeber (University of Stuttgart, DE)
- Juan Carlos Rodriguez (Universidad Carlos III, ES)

Françoise de Viron continues in her role of President of eucen. In the following Steering Committee meeting, the group appointed Kari Seppala as Vice-President, Edith Kroeber as Secretary General and Juan Carlos Rodriguez as Treasurer of eucen

Congratulations to all the new members of eucen and to the new Steering Committee group!

All the documents for the meeting are still available to member in the Members' Room of eucen's website. Remember to login before you try to enter this section.