28 May 2020

Forthcoming eucen events
The current Covid-19 situation makes the organisation of events in 2020 very risky and health must be preserved above all!

Thus, the eucen Conference in Budapest planned for May and postponed to November is not cancelled. Our hosts, the Central European University (CEU), has agreed to host us in the future.

But please, take note of what is coming up soon:

- In September 2020 we will have our eucen Policy Talks. Originally would be a meeting organised in Brussels, but it might end up as a virtual meeting in 2020. This is a closed meeting, where only policy makers are invited. The presentations and a summary of the day, though, will be available in our eucen Studies website

- In September 2020 we are also intending to host a meeting with the ULLL National Networks. The named representatives will be invited to fill in a Survey in June and in September we will discuss the result with them and plan future activities. This is a closed meeting for National Networks named representatives. The summary of the survey will be shared with all our community

- In November 2020 we will have a series of online seminars and presentations. We are now designing this activity. But take note that these will be totally open and free for eucen members!

- In June 2021 we are planning to have our conference in Utrecht, NL, hosted by University of Utrecht. You can see their presentation here More info about this conference will be very soon shared

As we are all the time thinking what to offer to our community, keep an eye on the eucen website to see news of what else we prepare.