12 February 2020

EVBB tool questionnaire in data collection, processing and adaptation
In the framework of INtheLOOP4VET project, EVBB committed itself to implement a tool for the operationalization of a feedback loop involving graduate data collection, data processing and adaptation to constantly shifting labour market environment. 
The first steps of the project are the assessment of current graduate tracking mechanisms at VET provider level, and the collection of good practices from partner countries and EU-wide on data collection synergies in vocational education; both these steps are carried out by short questionnaires. 
As members of the VET4EU2 network, eucen members are in the position of providing us with valuable information. Therefore we kindly ask you to spread the attached questionnaires among your associates and forward any answer to us. The questionnaires only require few minutes to be completed; still, they are very important for our organization and the whole project performance.  

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