13 October 2021

EUSRexcel Announces its Final Results
Funded by ERASMUS+, the EUSRexcel Project (Towards a European University Social Responsibility Excellence Award) has been developed throughout 36 months, from September 2018 to August 2021 with the support of CONEXX-EU (Belgium), The University of Applied Sciences VAMK-Vaasa (Finland) The University of Dublin City (Ireland), Innovation Training Centre (Spain), The University of La Sapienza (Italy) and the University Girona (Spain) and around 11 associated partners from the academic sector across Europe to create a network of universities with a USR quality certification - https://socialresponsibilityaward.eu

The EUSRexcel project is an initiative that creates and identifies a homogeneous framework of criteria and indicators of Social Responsibility in the field of Higher Education Institutions. Through research and training, the project raises awareness among University managers and staff to institutionalize University Social Responsibility (USR) and its formal presence in the quality rankings. The project was conceived after identifying the need of a common framework that measures and certifies the Social Responsibility in the
academic sector, specifically within Universities in order to meet the EC agenda on Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive growth which includes social responsibility.

EUSRexcel has been developed through two key intellectual outputs, where the first segment of the project was focused on building a theorical framework to develop the model of reference to harmonize the USR indicators, and the second phase centered on composing an USR Online Evaluation Tool and the Design of a USR Quality Certification.

The relevance of the European framework of USR harmonized indicators resides on the provision of a universal measurement tool for management boards at universities to assess their commitment to USR based, and the creation of a new USR Quality Seal to reward academic institutes based on their performance on USR.

The mobilization of expertise from our key and associated partners have contributed to raise awareness amid the participating universities and the external publics such as management boards, administrative staff, professors and researcher that collaborated in this initiative to identify the strengths and weaknesses in terms of socially responsible involvement within their sphere of influence. Furthermore, the sum of efforts made across the 36 months gave as a result the creation of an EUSREXCEL guide, an Online Self Evaluation tool on USR, an Users Handbook, a Table for Evaluation, a Good practices illustration, Staff Training material, an External Evaluation Board and a USR Quality Seal that integrate a solid homogeneous framework that can be easily socialized across European universities and with this, promote a harmonization and consciousness of the importance of the Social responsibility within higher education institutes.