05 December 2019

eucen's involvement in the regional development of the HE system
The region of Catalonia is undergoing a strategic transformation called the "Pacte Nacional per a la Societat del Coneixement" (National agreement for the society of knowledge). In this framework, the regional government identifies initiatives and/or organisations that can contribute to the design of this transformation and invites them to participate and contribute to the discussions. 

eucen has recently participated in this process that intends to develop and enhance the Higher Education system in the region of Catalonia. The results of projects such as ApprEnt and VINCE have been received by the regional authorities who have invited the Executive Director of eucen to their latest meeting on 28 November 2019 with the objective to bring into the discussion the perspectives and knowledge gathered by these projects as well as eucen's global perspective of ULLL.

Further meetings are planned for early January 2020. We hope the VINCE and ApprEnt project results make a clear impact in future policies in the Catalan region.