11 December 2020

eucen's experts shine during the International Seminar for the Catalan Government
Answering to the consulting request from the Regional Government of Catalonia (ES) to eucen, the well known ULLL experts, Kari Seppala, Jean-Marie Filloque and Beate Hörr, made their presentations during the first International Seminar co-organised by the Generalitat de Catalunya and eucen on 10th December. With over 150 participants, their presentations were an excellent overview of how is ULLL managed in Finland, France and Germany. Participants gave very good feedback and found the content not only very useful but inspiring.

Before the three eucen experts made their presentations, we had the opportunity to hear the words from Kinga Szuly (DG EAC) and Anastasia Pouliou (Cedefop). Very important to take into account: Europe is closely looking into micro-credentials as a flexible tool to upskill and re-skill unemployed and also employed citizens. From this prespective, ULLL short courses take a higher level of importance in the European education universe!