03 December 2019

eucen's collaboration in the development of a HE Apprenticeship system in Spain with RUEPEP
The Spanish national network for ULLL (RUEPEP) has created a number of working groups recently. One of them intends to tackle the HE Apprenticeship system and find ways of implementing it in Spain. eucen has agreed to be member of this working group and bring into it the knowledge acquired as member of the advisory board of DG EMPL as well as the knowledg gained with the ApprEnt project. The first virtual meeting was on 3 December 2019.

The group hopes to develop a HE Apprenticeship model as well as find ways to enhance the cooperation with VET providers, which are already doing apprenticeship programmes very successfully. 

RUEPEP will be presenting the initial findings of these working groups in their next technical seminar in Huelva, 29-30 January 2020.