18 March 2022

eucen Seminar Across the Atlantic 2022
Register online now using this link to attend the eucen Seminar Across the Atlantic 2022 on Thursday 21 April at 16:00CET.

We will explore quality assurance in continuing education/lifelong learning and mechanisms identified to guarantee excellence. We will have presentations from different perspectives: 

From EU, with Lyndsey EL AMOUD - University College Cork, IE (eucen)
From North America, with Steven MULLIGAN, StudyPortals, US (UPCEA)

We will open discussion and create a dialogue between the presenters and the participants, moderated by Tricia BERRY, Purdue University, US (AAACE). 

Due to matters beyond our control, the presentation from Latin America has been cancelled and the event will be done in English in its totality. See attached the updated programme of the event.

Registration is free. Join us!

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