08 March 2019

eucen recent contribution to the ADVANCEment of gender issues in HE
Following eucen’s initiatives around the general topic of inclusion of diversity, our Association has recently submitted a new proposal, ADVANCE, to explore ethnicity, disability and also gender issues. The project wants to promote inclusive education in HE and to foster and promote the participation, progress and achievement of disadvantaged learners in HE. Specifically, in relation to gender, the project would explore situations of discrimination of women in leadership and specific disciplines such as science, technology and engineering.
The ADVANCE proposal, if accepted, would start in December 2019 and includes a consortium of 11 partners, 7 of them full members of eucen. EUA, one of eucen’s key stakeholders, is in this instance one of the partners of eucen’s proposal.
Keep an eye on eucen’s news to find out the result of the KA3 call this year.