07 April 2020

eucen online Seminar 2020 Across the Atlantic | How to survive in critical times? University Lifelong Learning 4.0
The COVID-19 has had an enormous impact at all levels of education. How have our HEIs reacted? How will be our educational model changing when the current situation stabilises? 

Join us on Thursday 28 May at 15:00CET until 18:00CET in a trans-oceanic online eucen seminar to explore this topic.

This event is organised with the collaboration of UPCEA and AAACE. We will see not only how Europe has approached the current situation, but also how things are being done in the USA.

You can read the full Announcement here.

Registration is free for eucen, UPCEA and AAACE members.
Register now following this link.

If you have an experience to share, send your abstract here.

Know more about UPCEA and AAACE. eucen highly values internationalisation and the sharing of knowledge world-wide.

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