27 April 2017

eucen General Assembly 2017
If your institution is member of eucen, do not miss the General Assembly 2017! The meeting will be held in Mainz (DE), during the 49th eucen Annual Conference (Wed 07 - Fri 09 June 2017). The main points in the agenda will be: President report, Closing of the 2016 accounts, Budget 2018 and elections of up to six members of the Steering Committee (including the President and the Treasurer). 

The candidates for the elections are:

- Françoise DE VIRON (Universite catholique de Louvain, BE) re-standing for the position of President
- Juan Carlos RODRIGUEZ (Universidad Carlos III, ES) standing for the position of Treasurer
- Kari SEPPALA (University of Turku, FI), re-standing for election
- Lucilia SANTOS (University of Aveiro, PT), re-stading for election
- Balazs NEMETH (University of Pecs, HU), re-standing for election
- Edith Koeber (University of Stuttgart, DE), standing for election

You can download from this page the CVs and personal statements of the candidates.

Members can download the full set of documents for the meeting following this link (you must be member and be logged in before using this link).

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