17 January 2020

eucen Calendar 2020
Are you still planning your activities for 2020? Take a look at what eucen has planned for this year, select the activities you are interested in and schedule them in your agenda! 

The opened activities start in March with a conference on diversity and inclusion, coorganised betwen EUA, eucen and ESU; followed by the chance to attend two learning weeks on 2 different digitalisation topics (some places are co-financed); our Annual Conference this year in Budapest which includes the General Assembly and a showcase of digital wellbeing; and the autumn activities - this year you will be able to enrole in the standard Autumn Seminar (Thu-Fri) focusing on staff development only or add one more day (on Wed) for a special and unique activity (we will tell you more about it later on in the year - at the moment block the dates!).

Download the file attached and follow our activities! Network with eucen! Search. Learn. Share.

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