20 November 2019

eucen and UPF Barcelona School of Management meeting
Prof Oriol AMAT, Dean at UPF Barcelona School of Management, and Jordi REY, Director of Quality and Internationalisation, met on Friday 15 November with the President of eucen, Balazs NEMETH and the Executive Director of eucen, Carme ROYO. The relation between UPF and eucen has been always fluid and active. Both parts were happy to confirm their willingness to continue with the close collaboration and think of further lines of work.

The Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) became member of eucen in 1995, delegating the representation to the Director of the centre for continuing education (called idEC in that moment, now a days called Barcelona School of Management). Since the moment of joining eucen, UPF has been an active member. They have hosted one very successful eucen conference in 2001, have been members of the Steering Committee of the association during several years and have participated in different projects led by eucen. The most recent project that they have joined is the forthcoming UniLab that will start in January 2020.

eucen has its Barcelona office located in the UPF Barcelona School of Management building since 2003.