23 January 2018

eucen Activities 2018
This year eucen has prepared an annual calendar with details of the forthcoming activities planned. Are you still planning your own agenda for 2018? Do not forget to book in your agenda the dates of the eucen activities for the year! 

The open activities planned are:

- Webinar on 23 February at 13:00CET
- Online Consultation on 15 March at 15:00CET
- eucen Annual Conference in Bergen, 06-08 June
- eucen General Assembly in Bergen, during the conference
- eucen Autumn Seminar in Barcelona, 15-16 November

We also want to highlight the 2018 eucen Policy Talks, addressed to policy makers and key stakeholders, that will take place in Brussels on Thursday 26 April. The presentations and conclusions of this activity will be available afterwards at the eucen Studies website

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