20 June 2019

EUA and eucen collaboration in practice
The preliminary results from the collaboration between EUA and eucen in the self-funded project INVITED were presented in Dublin, 14 June 2019, during the first Peer Learning Seminar of the project. The event was hosted by UCD (IE) and had the collaboration of ESU, also actively involved in INVITED. 

During the one full day event, UCD presented their strategic approach to diversity and inclusion, EUA presented the preliminary results of the INVITED survey, eucen presented the outputs of the HE4u2 project and ESU presented their work on the area of inclusion as well. The world cafe was very participative and brought in new points that had not been taken into consideration before. 

Overall, the 36 participants (majority of them representing the top management of their institutions) shown great interest in the work carried out and wililngness to be involved in future INVITED activies.

eucen took the opportunity to introduce VINCE to the participants by submitting also a slide about the project.

In the photo (from left to right): Thomas Jorgensen and Anna-Lena Claeys-Kulik (EUA), Carme Royo (eucen) and Helene Mariaud (ESU).