17 March 2020

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange available to support HEIs
The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange platform invites you to attend their masterclass "How to enrich online teaching activities in HE through virtual exchange". This activity is programmed for Thursday 26 March at 11:00CET. If interested, follow this registration link

Due to the limitations imposed by the present COVID-19 emergency, the great majority of universities in Europe and globally are presently working to implement online learning and teaching activities, exploring tools and methods that can guarantee continuous engagement of students as well as their active participation. One approach that can help deliver online learning is Virtual Exchange, a distinctive pedagogy to enable deep, interactive intercultural learning through people to people, facilitated  educational programmes. The Masterclass will explore how Virtual Exchange activities can be offered to students and how they can be integrated in university courses and will present the practical opportunities offered by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange initiative to engage professors and students in meaningful, safe and rewarding online collaboration activities. The Masterclass is addressed to universities’ international relation officers, teaching and learning experts, eLearning staff, professors and lecturers.