19 March 2018

EQF - 10th anniversary conference
The European Commission organised 15-16 March 2018 the 10th anniversary of the EQF (European Qualifications Framework) with a conference in Brussels. eucen, represented by Carme Royo, participated in the event and attended the parallel sessions on "How qualification frameworks facilitate validation of non-formal and informal learning?"

Some of the messages of the keynote speakers:

- Jens Bjornavold explained why and how EQF was developed and stressed that the focus on LLL was very important
- Koen Nomden highlighted that EQF is an open framework, wherever you learn, but it is not a tool for measuring skills of indivuduals
- Jens Bjornavold highlighted the importance of "critical friends" when the EQF was developed
- Alison Crabb stressed that without the power of Learning Outcomes it would have been difficult to develop the EQF
- Grant Klinkum (New Zealand) said that NQFs should be used as vehicles of transformation. New Zealand uses a system of micro-credentials
- Alison Crabb concluded that A lot of work still has to be done to reach a full LLL environment in Europe. The key is how to engage with the newly emerging challenges? Digitalisation for example. And how, when and where we learn is the next challenge