07 September 2021

eucen has recently submitted an ERASMUS CoVE proposal on sustainable tourism and VET excellence in Europe. 

Sustainable tourism is a topic of growing importance. While tourism offers many benefits, such as the creation of new jobs, tourism-related CO2 emissions are a concern in face of climate change. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we travel, and both allows and requires change in the tourism sector.

The digital and green transitions provide opportunities to transform the tourism sector and make it more sustainable, as well as adapt to these challenges. ENHANCED will identify 4 different challenges related to sustainable tourism in 4 different types of regions, each expert in one of the challenges. The project will give the opportunity to solve these challenges while learning from each other in Catalonia, Istanbul, Romania and the Italian-Suisse transnational region.

Each region has a starting team of partners: a HEI, a VET provider, a business and a network or association. These teams will work together to:
- Learn from each other and transfer expertise between regions based on each region's needs
- Develop teaching and learning practices that address current and future skills needs and update their curricula accordingly
- Create and grow a regional hub of cooperation in each region which include a variety of local and regional stakeholders relevant to the tourism sector
- Design policy recommendations and an advocay pack for policy makers to encourage them in the promotion of sustainable tourism

The final objective of the project is to boost the four regions, create an enhanced hub of collaboration in each one to address challenges and provide opportunities for the regional tourism industry in general as well as small and micro-enterprises to be more eco-efficient.

This project will be coordinated by eucen, if successful. 

More news on the result are expected in Feburary 2022.

Image disclaimer: World vector created by Freepik

Project ERASMUS-EDU-2021-PEX-COVE | 101056313