02 January 2021

eJournal of ULLL - vol 4 no 2 - available now
The eucen eJournal of ULLL, vol 4 no 2, collecting the full papers from the eucen ULLL Open Fora 2020 has just been published! You can find it in the eucen Studies website.  

You can download now the full publication or the selected papers that you want to read from the eJournal section

This time we have 8 full papers from 12 different authors from 8 different countries. We have received full papers from 3 of the 4 topics of the Open Fora 2020:

- HE work-based learning in a changing World 
- Digital learning in CE – the aftermath of Covid-19 
- Bridging active citizenship and ULLL

We thank all the authors of abstracts and full papers for their contribution and their care. 

We hope you enjoy it!