13 September 2019

EfVET and CHAIN5 conference in Malta, 9-10 December
The purpose of the conference is to examine, based on recent developments around the EQF, the European Higher Education Area, the growing importance of Higher VET (Vocational and
Professional Education) and how more flexible learning pathways are possible. This involves the use of qualifications from the various sectors (and the forms in which they can be
offered). The role of qualifications at level 5, strongly emerging, can be looked at in this context to build a bridge from level 4 to higher levels.

In all this process the key point is the collaboration among institutions to reach “new” forms of permeability. There are a lot of opportunities, given the need for lifelong learning programmes and the demand for highly qualified people from the labor market.

If you would like to be part of the future of HVET, and explore the challenges of permeability by using all kind of qualifications at levels 5 and higher of the EQF’, this conference is for you.

See attached the all the information about the Conference.

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