09 January 2018

In today’s labour market, rapid innovation in ICT is leading to “the need for digital skills in nearly all jobs where ICT complements existing tasks.” (EC Digital Single Market texts). Nevertheless, 47% of the EU population is not properly digitally skilled. For these reasons, the Digital Skills Accelerator (DSA) project aims to put students in the driving seat of their own skills development. The goal of the project is clear: define the digital skills that should be prioritized by current and future cohorts of HE students, and create a self-directed multi-media learning system that students can access to bolster their skills in specific areas. In particular, Digital Skills Accelerator (DSA) wants to teach students digital skills in three main areas:
- Employment and Entrepreneurship
- Active Citizenship
- Lifelong Learning

The project objectives are to:

- Produce a DIGITAL SKILLS REPORT identifying the most valuable digital skills required professionally and for civic engagement.
- Create an ONLINE SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL enabling students to identify their digital skills’ profile and map a personalized learning pathway.
- Develop the ESSENTIAL DIGITAL SKILLS TOOLKIT, an open, online modular training course allowing students to update their skills in the key areas.
- Produce a series of MOTIVATION AND RECRUITMENT VIDEOS as an essential component of the recruitment and learning process.

To find out more you can have a look at DSA website.

Project 2017-1-PL01-KA203-038537