03 June 2022

Digital Wellbeing for Higher Education Lecturers - Contribute to the project!
Do you want to be part of developing the digital wellbeing of the HEI sector? 
The Erasmus+ funded “Digital Wellbeing for Higher Education Lecturers” project (DWEL) aims to strengthen educators’ own digital competences, but also to boost the capacity of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to manage the digital transition in a way that combines high quality teaching with the wellbeing of those involved. The project designs, develops and implements a new approach and the necessary resources to train HEI lecturers and managers in digital wellbeing.

The project is now collecting data. By answering the Digital Wellbeing survey, you will help to gather up-to-date information on digital wellbeing and develop up-to-date methods for strengthening the digital wellbeing of the higher education sector.
The Digital Wellbeing survey will be open until 30 June 2022. The survey is an online form answered anonymously - individual respondents cannot be identified from the responses. The Survey can be found following this link:
The data collected through the survey will be used in the writing of the Digital Wellbeing Report of the project. The report will be published on the project website and will be openly available.

The “Digital Wellbeing for Higher Education Lecturers” project is coordinated by The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava in collaboration with the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Science - Xamk, the European universities continuing education network - EUCEN, the European Elearning Institute - EUEI, the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague and Momentum Marketing Services Limited.
This survey has been designed and will be monitored by South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Science – Xamk, in collaboration with the project consortium. All partners will be actively involved in the production of the Digital Wellbeing Report.