07 January 2022

Digital Innovation Whitepaper and Audit on digital innovation processes for services
The Digital Innovation project consortium has just published a Whitepaper providing an overview of the mapping of Digital Innovation Processes for Services, based on Scientific Literature and Expert Interviews. A full Audit has also just been published. 

The documents focus on the increase of servitization, by which companies are progressively shifting from the traditional product innovation towards a multidimensional service innovation view.

The knowledge and understanding about how digital technologies are being strategically used during the process of service innovation is, however, still limited. The Digital Innovation Research Whitepaper and Audit try to shine light on the service innovation process and focus on how and which digital tools can facilitate the innovation process. In the documents you will find many insights based on scientific literature as well as 26 interviews with experts from academia.

You can access and download the Whitepaper and Audit at this link.