08 July 2021

Creative Change focus group on creative and human-based project management
The Creative Change consortium, lead by partners from Materahub, organised a focus group on 8 July 2021 to explore creative and human-based project management methods. The workshop involved a varied group of stakeholders all at the forefront of this process: EU project managers and designers, adult educators, but also artists and creatives.

The focus group was designed as a co-creation experiment, based on human centred methods, and relied on the exchange of experiences and practices between participants from all over Europe and the world.

The workshop was indeed very successful: participants shared their experiences of project management and reflected about the challenges they face in the implementation of their projects. They had the opportunity to learn from each other by exchanging successful practices in an informal and engaging way, with a special focus on human centred approaches and other creative methods.

The Creative Change project will highly benefit from the outcomes of this focus group, which will help develop:
- a Guide to Human Centred Design of Adult Education Programmes,
- and a Creative Space in the format of an online multimedia environment offering resources and opportunities to exchange and learn from each other to project managers.

The Creative Change consortium is always keen on hearing from project managers: contact us to get involved in the project, and join us on our LinkedIn group!