17 February 2021

Challenging times - How to manage projects in the distance?
eucen has co-designed The ONE project coordinated by FernUniversitat in Hagen (DE) - the ONE project is a KA2 project that will be developing tools and strategies to work online with only ONE face-to-face event during the whole duration of the project. Be smart. Be green. Be sustainable!

If you are a project manager or a project officer, you know how challenging is to work in projects without face-to-face events! Interaction is always a plus. How do you keep the motivation high only with virtual work? How do you build trust and effective work? The ONE project has now opened its website. We are still at the beginning of the project, but follow us to be up to date in the developments we make.

Are you interested to be actively testing our products? Do you want to influence the results? Contact us and let us know! We will need project managers and project officers prepared to test our tools.