27 November 2019

The Danube University Krems is announcing a vacancy for the position of Professor in University Research and University Development (as defined in Section 98 of the Austrian universities Act 2002). [+]

21 November 2019

The 14 and 15 November 2019 merging with the VINCE Final Learning Symposium was held in Barcelona the eucen Autumn Seminar [+]

20 November 2019

The 14 November 2019 was held in Barcelona the VINCE Final Learning Symposium, a project coordinated by eucen. [+]

14 November 2019

The third Study Visit of the project COMPASS – Towards European University Lifelong Learning Model in Moldova – was held on 12-14 November in Barcelona. [+]

12 November 2019

The third project meeting was held in Kosice (SK) in November 2019, hosted by the Technical University Košice, Faculty of Economics. [+]

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