26 April 2022

The video from the eucen Seminar Across the Atlantic 2022 is now available from eucen's YouTube Channel. You can watch it and learn from the experiences on Quality Assurance in CE/LLL from experiences in Cork (IE) and US. Remember to subscribe to our channel so you get updates on materials uploaded automatically.  [+]

21 December 2021

If you missed the eucen Open Fora 2021, you can now hear the presentations from our YouTube Channel. There is a video from each session and the sessions are grouped by weeks. We hope you enjoy it and use these resources! [+]

21 December 2021

eucen has recently hosted a seminar online to talk about Entrepreneurs and Validation of competences. Entrepreneurs are individuals who often learn on their own a number of skills and competences while developing their own company. These skills and competences could be recognised, but how? [+]

20 December 2021

In December, eucen organisation an event on Entrepreneurship and the Validation of Competences. Have you missed it? The video is now available! Visit our YouTube Channel to learn more about Validation and how it can benefit entrepreneurs. [+]

30 November 2021

The eucen ULLL Open Fora 2021 has finished today. We have had  21 days of activites with 31 presenters, over 400 participants in total and more than 1230 single registrations! You could not attend? Would you like to see what was presented? All the presentations are now available in the event's website! [+]

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