02 July 2021

The SC of eucen has had a dedicated workshop focusing on membership, that also tackled the topics/areas of work for the next period and project and self-financed initiatives that eucen should focus on. 
Led by an experienced moderator, the online workshop lasted three hours during which some interesting decision were taken. [+]

04 June 2021

eucen's General Assembly 2021 took place on 04 of June 2021 in second Call. A number of items were discussed, including the approval of financial points, acceptance of new members and the elections to the members of the Steering Committee group. [+]

25 March 2021

The eucen General Assembly 2021 will be done online this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions. The first call will be on Wed 02 June at 17:00CET. If there is no quorum, the second call will be on Friday 04 June at 09:30CET. All eucen full members are invited to attend the meeting. [+]

12 January 2021

The UniLab partners have had their first focus discussion groups, engaging local and regional stakeholders of different types, such as enterprises, chambers of commerce, alumni, etc. This is the first step to establish stable and periodical meetings with selected groups to discuss draft products of the project and, thus, validate them.  [+]

24 November 2020

eucen is co-organising two seminars with the regional authorities in Catalonia (ES) to reflect on ways to give further training to graduates and, thus, more chances to enter the labour market, with ULLL as key solution. On 10 December we will have an international seminar with presentations from the EC, Cedefop and 3 European experts. Join us!  [+]

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