16 May 2019

Candidates for Steering Committee | eucen's General Assembly in Aveiro June 2019
The next General Assembly of eucen will be held in Aveiro, during the eucen 51st Conference, 05-07 June 2019. During this meeting up to 8 places in the Steering Committee will be elected (including the President). You can download their Candidate profile from here (remember to log in, in order to access the information).

Other items that will be discussed in the meeting are:

- President report
- Secretary report (including changes in Statutes and Membership update)
- Closing of the 2018 accounts
- Auditor's report
- Budget 2020

Don't forget to download the papers for the General Assembly following this link.

This is an important meeting for our members. Join us, learn what we have done in the last year and have your say in the decisions that have to be taken for the next period! If you have not registered yet, you are still in time! Follow this link to register.

We hope to be seeing you in Aveiro (PT) in June!