05 July 2022

Business Case for ONE Meeting Projects
The ONE Meeting project consortium is pleased to announce the publication of the Business Case for One Meeting Projects, a key tool to assist HEI’s and EU project managers with the digital transformation of their work.

The 2022 Erasmus+ Programme Guide stipulates that "projects should be designed in an eco-friendly way and should incorporate green practices in all its facets" and that participants should "come up with alternative, greener ways of implementing project activities".

The Business Case for One Meeting Projects in Europe offers several resources to support this transformation:
1) A 3-minute video explaining the relevance and importance of The ONE Meeting Project approach.
2) "The Business Case for One Meeting Projects in Europe Report" including insights from a rapid evidence assessment to consider when planning your future Erasmus+ European projects.
3) An addendum containing 13 more case studies of The ONE Meeting Project methodology applied.
4) A worksheet for trying out the My Climate Tool to compare and quantify the travel-related carbon footprint of your current or future in-person transnational partner meetings.
5) An infographic that sums up and promotes the ONE Meeting Project methodology.

These resources can be accessed and downloaded here, from the ONE Meeting project website.

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