13 February 2012

Article | 'Defining and Delivering the University’s Third Mission' by Alfredo Soeiro
Alfredo Soeiro's article "Defining and Delivering the University’s Third Mission" has been published in the new on-line journal "The Evolution - Illuminating the LLL movement".

The article is an attempt to describe the outputs of project E3M – European Indicators and Ranking Methodology for University Third Mission. The project is funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Program. European universities have accepted, traditionally, two main missions: teaching and research. Recently, another mission is being considered to reflect the involvement of universities with society. It is commonly designated in the USA as outreach and engagement. While for education and research there exist several proposals for measuring these activities there are few consistent approaches to evaluate and compare third mission accomplishments ... (extract from the article).

We invite you to follow this link to read the full text and see what Evolution can offer you.