09 February 2017

ApprEnt addresses the challenges of high youth unemployment and the shortage of skills required by employers. It will bridge the gap between the world of education and business, enhancing partnerships that involve companies, HEIs as VET providers, and other relevant stakeholders such as public bodies and learners, with the aim of promoting work-based learning and apprenticeship.

The project will foster the sharing of good practices and the transfer of knowledge models between different categories of stakeholders, in order to identify solutions to some of the main specific challenges for setting up or strengthening apprenticeships or work-based learning. It will maximise peer-learning, transnationally in partner meetings and also in each partner country team, where focus learning groups of education institutions and business organisations will work together with representatives of public authorities and learners contributing to the discussion.

A staff development workshop for in-enterprises trainers/supervisors and for HE tutors/trainers, designed to support them in working with apprentices, will be run for the partnership and later adapted to the partners’local context and piloted in the partner countries.

A generic prototypes of an agreement and a training model will be produced.

The partnership will work on policy recommendations which will be discussed with external stakeholders in an open consultation.

An advocacy pack will also be prepared, including lines of action addressed to 4 different target groups: education stakeholders, enterprises, public authorities, learners.

The overall result of the project will be the establishment of a new and improved concept of partnerships between HEIs and businesses, aiming to increase apprenticeships and work-based learning schemes amongst the partner institutions and the linked enterprises.  

The partners in this project proposal are:

P1 EUCEN (BE) - contractors and coordinators
P2 Université de Bretagne Occidentale (FR)
P3 Danube University of Krems (AT)
P4 Tallinn University (EE)
P5 University of Aveiro (PT)
P6 University of Turku (FI)
P7 University of Catania (IT)
P8 Universidad Complutense de Madrid (ES) 
P9 Chamber of Commerce Brest (FR)
P10 Bottom UP development e.U (AT)
P11 Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EE)
P12 Associaçao Industrial de Aveiro (PT)
P13 Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Southwest Region (FI)
P14 Camera di Commercio di Catania (IT)
P15 Asociacion de Empresarios del Henares (ES)
P16 Fundacion Conocimiento y Desarrollo - FCyD (ES)

Project 585163-EPP-1-2017-1-BE-EPPKA3-VET-APPREN