12 April 2021

2020 Annual Report of the UNESCO Institute for LLL (UIL)
UIL has published their 2020 annual report. UIL works with UNESCO Member States, advocacy groups, researchers, non-governmental organizations and regional and global bodies to promote lifelong learning; support better policy, planning and practice in the field; and build capacities for more effective implementation.

In 2020, UIL worked with the 229 members of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities to integrate lifelong learning into their emergency response plans. Continuing its engagement to promote literacy, the Institute built the capacities of policy-makers and other stakeholders to implement family literacy programmes and further strengthened the Global Alliance for Literacy within the Framework of Lifelong Learning (GAL). Moreover, despite the unique challenges brought on by the global health crisis, UNESCO Member States nonetheless responded to the survey launched by UIL to prepare the fifth Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE 5), thereby cementing their commitment to promoting adult learning and education.

You are invited to reading their report.