16 March 2016

2016 eucen Policy Talks
eucen is launching this year, coinciding with its 25th anniversary, what we call eucen Policy Talks

This year the Policy Talks collate with the final event of our project COMMIT. Markku Markkula (President, Committee of the Regions), Arne Carlsen (Director, UNESCO Institute for LLL), Mette Andersen (Policy Officer, DG EAC) and Henriette Stoeber (Policy Officer, EUA) will participate in this activity.

What are the Policy Talks meant to be? eucen wants to regularly liaise with key policy makers and stakeholders and exchange impressions about eucen's work and contributions to Europe's policy in HE and VET. There are many things we can say and it is always interesting to hear what they think about our views!

Who can go to the Policy Talks? It would be useful for National Networks' representatives to attend these talks and to contribute to the discussions. Specific experts in identified topics might be also welcome. Participation is only upon invitation. Key policy makers and stakeholders in Brussels will be invited to attend.

How often will eucen organise Policy Talks? Only once a year.

Keep an eye on the eucen website News to read what has happened in the first Policy Talks organised by eucen!