eucen Highlights | April 2016

COMMIT at eucen's Conference in Dublin 01-03 June

For those who were interested in the eucen project COMMIT but could not experience it, now you have the opportunity to do so in Dublin, during eucen's 48th Annual Conference, 01-03 June 2016

Do not miss this opportunity to learn about and practice the self-assessment tools produced by COMMIT! read more

IACEE webinar

The University of Porto is hosting this year's IACEE 15th World Conference. They ran a webinar last week to present the event and to get participants ready for it.

If you did not attend this webinar last week, you have the opportunity now to view it online. read more

Candidates for the elections in Dublin, 01-03 June 2016

The time to submit candidacies for the open places at the Steering Committee of eucen closed on Friday 29 April 2016. 

We have received three packs from full members of eucen. The elections will take place during the next eucen conference in Dublin, Wed 01 to Fri 03 June. Do not miss it! Register now at
  read more

eucen Informs - the 01/2016 newsletter is now available

If you are in one of eucen's distribution lists you will have received by now the new issue of eucen's newsletter "eucen Informs". During 2016 eucen will produce three issues: one in April, one in June and one in November. Each issue will include a "Special Edition" supplement highlighting eucen's achievements in its 25 years of life. read more