Organisation and Structure / General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the Association. 

According to the current Statutes, the General Assembly comprises all the Full Members of the Association. Only the General Assembly is authorised to:

- Elect the President of the Association
- Elect, dismiss and release members of the Steering Committee
- Appoint or approve the appointment of an Auditor
- Approve the Internal Regulations
- Approve the accounts of the preceding financial year
- Approve the budget of the forthcoming financial year
- Discharge the President, the members of the Steering Committee and the Auditor
- Set the level of subscription for all categories
- Ammend the Statutes
- Dissolve the Association

The General Assembly meets normally once a year, in the venue and dates announced in advance as described in the current Statutes. Only members of the Association are allowed to participate in these formal meetings. Only Full Members of eucen can vote in the General Assemblies. Each Full Member can nominate another full member to represent its institution if is not attending the meeting. Proxy forms are made available and distributed to members well in advance of the meeting for this purpose.

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