19-23 APRIL 1995
Glasgow / United Kingdom

9th eucen Conference | The Funding of University Continuing Education
The 9th eucen European conference was hosted by the Continuing Education Centre of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

The Friday morning session was dedicated to areas of particular expertise in Scottish continuing education with the participation of four Scottish universities. Friday afternoon was devoted to networking and team- building through a Market Place (where delegates could meet others with similar interests) and two workshops (where delegates could work with each other as part of a team). Saturday morning was focused on the main theme of the conference: The Funding of Continuing Education and, after an overview, comparative data was received from Scotland, Sweden and France. Delegates were then able to compare these systems with their own and discuss possible advantages and disadvantages.

Two representatives from Directorate General XXII of the European Union presented papers on the new LEONARDO and SOCRATES programmes. The first part of the afternoon session was dedicated to presentations by representatives from Volkswagen AG, IBM(UK) plc and Scottishpower plc. The later part of Saturday and Sunday morning were allocated to eucen business with reports from Working Groups, a Policy discussion and the General Assembly. Two more Working Groups were proposed at the Conference: Quality in University CE and Worked-Based learning in University CE.

The social programme contained two receptions, one hosted by the City of Glasgow and a Scottish Gala Banquet held in Glasgow Hilton Hotel. 

The level of participation was extremely high: over one hundred delegates, from fourteen different countries attended this conference. A number of universities have applied for membership of eucen on the basis of their experience at the conference.

Speakers at the Meeting:

Opening Address:
Archibald M. Flemming, University of Strathclyde - "Continuing Education's Mission to the Community: Grasping the Thistle"
Scottish Experiences of Continuing Education
-Tom Schuller, University of Edinburgh - "Scottish Higher Education: An Overview"
-Anthony Cooke, University of Dundee - "Access and Participation by Under-represented Groups"
-Michael Osborne, University of Steerling - "Learning in the Workplace: Some Scottish Models"
-Lesley A Hart, University of Strathclyde - "Learning opportunities for Older Adults: A University Response"
-Elizabeth Gerver University of Dundee - "Continuing Education Research in Scotland"
A Survey of Comparative European Education Funding Structures
-Leonard, University of Coventry - "An Overview of European Funding Structures Charles"
-Laurence Howells, Scottish Higher Education Founding Council - "The Funding of Continuing Education In Scotland"
-Mikael Schnurrer, University of Orebro - "The Funding and Structure of Continuing Education in Sweden"
-Michel Feutrie, Universie de Lille I - "La Formation Professionelle Continue en France"
The New European Programmes
-The LEONARDO Programme Steve Branbridge, European Commission DGXXII
-The SOCRATES Programme Liz Ogden, European Commission DGXXII
Teaching and Coaching Companies: Sourcing Out Education and Training
-Ernst Posselt, Volkswagen Coaching Gesellschaft mbH - "Volkswagen Coaching Gesellschaft mbH: a Case Study"
-Linda Scott, IBM (UK) Greenock - "IBM (UK), Greenock: a Case Study"
-Pichard Fennel, ScottishPower plc - "Scottish Power plc: a Case Study"