21-23 OCTOBER 1994
Olympia / Greece

8th eucen Conference | Using Multimedia Methods in University CE
The 8th eucen European conference was hosted by the University of Patras in Olympia (GR).

The first day of the conference started out with an opening session, followed by the experience of Greek Universities continuing education and multimedia methods in university continuing education. Sunday was dedicated to areas in using personal computer-based multimedia methods in university continuing education. In the afternoon participants had the opportunity to choose one of three multimedia Workshops. After the afternoon coffee, Working Groups met to discuss the activities of the Working Groups.

The social programme contained an official dinner, offered by the rector of the University of Patras. It was followed by Greek dancing. Fifty-seven university representatives participated in this Conference.

Speakers at the meeting:
Opening session
-D. Bonikos - "Continuing Education in Knowledge-Based Society"
Experience of Greek University Continuing Education
-G. Tsamasf yros D. Goussetis - "Continuing Education at the National University of Athens"
-A. Xiromeritou - "Technology and Education: Transforming Education with Networked Multimedia"
Multimedia Methods in University Continuing Education
-A. Robinson - "The Videoconferencing Classroom"
-V. de Kosinsky - "Historic Universities Multimedia Network for Innovation in Education System"
Using Personal Computer-Based Multimedia Methods in University Continuing Education
-A. Sue - "Introduction to PC-based Multimedia Techniques- their applications and future developments"
-A. Baldry - "Modelling pedagogic discourse with dynamic hypermedia"
-I. Tsatsaki E. Kayafas V.loumos G. Camborakis - "Using Virtual Reality in Education. A Close Range Photogrammetry Approach"
-S. Pavlopoulos - "Teachware in Civil Engineering Continuing Education"
-M. Orsini V. Tandy - "Hypermedia in Language Learning"
-M. Hatziprokopiu - "The Talk-Make Tutor Technology"
-J. Pulkkinen - "New Learning Environments of Educational Technologists Training Programme in Finland"
-P.Katsoris K. Gialis - "Multimedia Educational Application in Cell Biology"