Porto / Portugal

6th eucen Conference | Motivating Academia for UCE
The 6th eucen Conference took place in October 1993 in Porto (PT).

The 6th eucen European conference was hosted by the Rector of the University of Porto, Prof. Alberto Amaral. The theme was - Motivating Academia for Continuing Education.

The Friday afternoon session was dedicated to Portuguese continuing education with the participation of the Ministry of Education, professors from three Portuguese universities and representatives from industry and services involved in continuing education. The Saturday morning had as theme an international workshop on "Motivation Academia for Continuing Education". A representative of the Ministry of Planning, the Rector of the University of Porto and a representative of research on CE discussed the European Commission policy. A Vice President of the European Parliament and a researcher discussed the perspectives on Continuing Education needs in Europe.

The first part of the afternoon session was dedicated to a Round Table about different university management strategies for continuing education development while the second part was filled with workshops and debates proposed by participants. The Sunday morning was dedicated to the conclusion of the debate, by the reports on the eucen Projects and Working Groups and by the Conference evaluation. The social Programme contained two reception dinners, one hosted by the City of Porto and a lunch in the Porto Wine Cellars.

The conference met its main objectives and had a good participation, sixty- six representatives of universities attended the conference.

Speakers at the meeting:
The Portuguese Experience of Continuing Education
-Pedro Lynce de Faria - "Speech by the Secretary of State for Higher Education"
-Antonio S. Carvalho Fernandes - "Knowledge Deficit in Modern Societies"
-Joaquim Borges Gouveia - "The University of Porto and Continuing Education"
-Teresa Ambrosio - "Continuing Higher Education in Portugal"
-Jose Freire de Sousa - "The BPA Experience"
Motivating Academia for Continuing Education in Europe
-M. A. Barbosa - "Continuing Training Trough Research"
-Valerie Mitchell and Edward Thomas - "European Corporation in University Continuing Education"
-Joao Cravinho - "Continuing Education Needs of the European Regions"
-Leenamaija Otala - "Lifelong Learning Based on Industry-University Cooperation, a Strategy for Europe's Competitiveness"