13-16 MAY 1993
Barcelona / Spain

5th eucen Conference | UCE in Spain and Europe
The 5th eucen European conference was held in Barcelona (ES). The Bosch i Gimpera Fundacio organized this conference. This year the theme was Continuing Education in Spain and in Europe.

The main subjects considered at the Barcelona Conference were:

-Continuing Education in Spain from the point of view of different institutions.
-Continuing Education in the automobile industry which consisted of a main lecture followed by a roundtable and Workshops.
-Recent issues in European University Continuing Education followed by Workshops sessions on Research on European University Continuing Education, and Higher Education Policy and Continuing Education.
-Reports and new projects of co-operation

The Conference was attended by over seventy participants, mainly representatives from forty-eight European universities and other institutions.

Speakers at the Meeting:

Opening Session:
-Prof. J.M. Bricall
-Dr. R. Pla
-Mr. A. Negre
-Prof. P. von Mitschke-Collande
Continuing Education in Spain: Models and Experiences:
-Prof. M. Parellada - "The Continuing Education Studies of the University of Barcelona/Bosch i Gimpera Foundation"
-Dr. M. Barcelo - "The Catalan Institute of Technology"
-Mr.P. Montesinos - "The Polytechnic University of Valencia: Postgraduate studies and their proffessional orientation"
-Mr. J.L. Bozal - "The School of Industrial Organization: a model from the Ministry of Industry"
-Prof. R Alvira - "Continuing Education in the Humanities in the University of Navarre"
Continuing Education in the Automobile Industry a Challange for University Cooperation
Introduction: Prof.P von Mitschke-Collande
Keynote Lecture:
-Mr. E. Lozano (European Community Commission) - "Human Resources and the European Car Industry"
-Mr. J.M. Freixas Mr. J. Cohi - "Human Resources Development in the Automobile Industry"
Recent Issues in European University Continuing Education
-Dr. A Barblan (CRE) - "European Community Policy on University Continuing Education"
-Prof. U. Teichler - "The Role of Higher Education in Continuing Education: changing issues and research priorities"