01-04 JUNE 2021
Utrecht / Netherlands

52nd eucen Conference | Utrecht (NL), Tue 01 - Fri 04 Jun 2021
Learning for impact in a changing world highlights the role of CE at universities in enabling professionals to perform in a dynamic societal context to the best of their abilities throughout their careers. This conference will have 3 strands:

1. Impact of Societal change on UCE
2. The future of education and modern workplace learning
3. UCE as Professional Practice within universities

The University of Utrecht invites us to participate in this event where we will emphasise that University Continuing Education is about learning as well as about learners.

The conference will:

- Connect research on learning with practitioners in learning.
- Connecting the academic domain with professions and other stakeholders.
- Aligning university facilities with University Continuing Education needs.

This conference is equally addressed to researchers, practitioners, administrators as well as professionals and their organisations.