23-25 OCTOBER 1992
Leiden / Netherlands

4th eucen Conference | Universities' Future Role in CE
The 4th eucen European conference took place in Leiden (NL), 23-25 October 1992 and was organised by Leiden University. The theme was The Future of University Continuing Education.

The main content of Leiden Conference was:

-The Round Table discussion on the Memorandum on Higher Education in the European Community concerning CE.
-Exchange of experience ("good practice") and ideas in the field of university continuing education, in the form of presentations of Case Studies and subsequent discussions.
-Reports on and planning of activities (eucen Business)
Eighty representatives from fifty universities, coming from twenty countries, participated in this Conference.

Speakers at the meeting:

CE Case Studies

-Drs. M.V.A.M. Roelofs -  "Survey of Post-Initial CE in the Netherlands"
-Drs. A.A.G.M. Fennis -  "Continuing Professional Development in Science and Engineering in the Netherlands"
-Prof. Dr. H Verbeek Drs. F.A.J. Jansen -  "Continuing Medical Education for Holland and for Europe"
-Drs. R.J. Benders -  "EUROSTEP, a Catalyst for European Cooperation in Continuing Education"
-Dr. B. Hake -  "The Emergent Learning Force: Some Critical Notes on Continuing Education and Adult learners"
CE Aspects of the Memorandum on Higher Education in the EC

-Prof. P. von Mitschke-Collande (eucen) -  "Introduction: eucen Survey"
-Prof. M. Otala (ERT)  -  "Rethinking Industry-University Co-operation"
-Dr. A. H. G. Rinnooy Kan (VNO) -  "University Continuing Education"
-Prof. E. Petty (SEFI) -  "Continuing Education in Engineering: SEFI's Role and Viewpoint"
-Prof. A. Fernandes (COMNET) -  "CE Aspects of the Memorandum on Higher Education in the CE"
-M. Markkula (IACEE) -  "University Continuing Education: Implications of the Memorandum of Higher Education"
-Prof. K. de Witte (ESMU) -  "CE Aspects of the memorandum of Higher Education in the CE"
-Prof. J.A. van Ginkel (CRE) -  "Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education"
-C. van Gageldonk (CHEEC) -  "Committee for Higher Education in the CE"