29-31 MAY 2013
Charmey / Switzerland

45th eucen Conference | Transferring Knowledge in a Globalised World: a ULLL Responsibility
The 45th eucen Conference organised by the University of Geneva took place in May 2013 at the Cailler Conference Centre in Charmey (CH).

Today, like the economy in general, knowledge too is globalised. Universities position their knowledge in a world-wide context. New ways of delivering learning are essential. E-learning and on-line courses open up new possibilities. The location of learning is being displaced. It is migrating from the classroom to an iPhone, an iPad... Internationalisation has become one of the major challenges for universities.

The conference examined the responsibility of ULLL in the knowledge society. What are the models of the future for ULLL in a globalised world? Two aspects were explored:

• Between competition, collaboration and cooperation – the policy of internationalisation for universities
• The transfer of knowledge by ICT

Follow this link to download the presentations from eucen's 45th Conference in Charmey.