07-09 NOVEMBER 2012
Valletta / Malta

44th eucen Conference | Border-Crossing as a Viable Choice: Collaboration, Dialogue
The 44th eucen Conference organised by the University of Malta took place in November 2012 in Valletta (MT)

eucen's 44th Conference builds on the established link between thriving democracies, healthy economies and equitable access to quality, lifelong-learning provisions in Higher Education. The conference examined how the current, global financial situation, educational legislation, international aid and education reforms are impacting on equitable access to Higher Education. The conference also foregrounded initiatives and projects undertaken by universities, in collaboration with other institutions of learning and the community, to bridge the participation gap in lifelong-learning initiatives.

As the world comes increasingly to grips with growing material inequalities, and as advocates of social, economic and cultural inclusion continue to argue that uneven access to quality lifelong learning provision in Higher Education tends to reproduce uneven development, the conference examined possibilities for horizontal collaboration in higher education, based on a South-North, East-West dialogue that allows for permeability, border-crossing, genuine exchange and mutual transformation. Participants also examined how migration patterns are challenging thinking and lifelong-learning provision in Higher Education; the conference provided a showcase for current projects and a forum for prospective initiatives in this regard.

In the year dedicated to active ageing, the conference provoked reflection on issues of access and collaboration in the field of third-age provision in the context of Higher Education.

Key Conference themes: Border-crossing, access, collaboration and migration.

Further information about the Conference can be found at http://www.um.edu.mt/events/eucen2012