18-20 NOVEMBER 2010
Lille / France

40th eucen Conference | From Rhetoric to Reality
The 40th eucen Conference took place in November 2010 in Lille (FR).

The objective of this conference was double: First to make a state of play two years after the presentation of the European Universities' Charter on LLL by EUA in Bordeaux to Ministries responsible for Higher Education. Is it possible to measure some progress regarding the Universities' and the Governments' 10 Commitments? On which strands? In which countries? Second to come to propositions, recommendations and projects for concrete actions to start/accelerate/deepen the processes at work.

The presentations in plenary sessions and the discussions in workshops were based on the results of a survey done during 2010 with the help of the eucen’s members and National Networks, on the result of European projects in which eucen is involved and on contributions from participants.

Additional materials used during the Conference:

-The importance of LLL at the University: Indicators and Evaluation (ALV) - Alfredo Soeiro (University of Porto)
-Developing Networked Strategies for LLL- Françoise de Viron (Catholic University of Louvain).